Shanghai Acting Workshops 2006/7

In May 2006 Liminal Theatre and Performance was invited by Professor Gu Yian, director of Shanghai International Performance Arts Research Centre to further research its training by working with second year students at Shanghai Theatre Academy.This project was supported by Asialink.

The students underwent 6 weeks training which culminated in a open rehearsal / showing to the whole academy and interested artists from Shanghai.The training was conducted by Robert Draffin

Since an ongoing relationship has been forged with SIPARC and the academy.In April/ May / June 2007 a Shakespeare project was undertaken by Mary Sitarenos and Professor Gu Yian culminating in a full production of Macbeth.

Robert Draffin and Professor Gu Yian are continuing to collaborate on the interface of traditional Chinese philosophy and arts practice with Contemporary Arts Practice.

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Shanghai Acting Workshops
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Shanghai Theatre Academy