Ousmane NGom

Liminal Theatre, in association with Lentil As Anything, are proud to host the Senegalese drummer, dancer and performer Ousmane NGom.

As a theatre company whose work in embedded in local community and international cultural exchange we are enriched by Ousmane‚Äôs presence. His cultural knowledge has challenged and developed our work,particularly as we are committed to meaningful theatrical experiences embedded in traditional practices and making them speak to a contemporary world.

Ousmane NGom

Ousmane has already been instrumental in a number of Liminal projects in Senegal and Australia, including Le Chant du Bacchant, Antigone: The Descent Across the Bridge of Acheron, and the construction of Liminal’s new home at J-Studios in North Fitzroy. As a volunteer and performer at Lentil As Anything, his powerful West African drumming can be heard at the restaurant’s popular African Night.

Liminal have invited Ousmane to observe our organisational approach and participate in our artistic practices. In exchange he has shared traditional cultural and artistic knowledge, including traditional Senegalese drumming and dance practice in our theatre projects and workshops.

Ousmane is deeply committed to the preservation of the cultural traditions of his home country Senegal. In 2007, collaborating with Mary Sitarenos, co-artistic director of Liminal, he has produced, organised and documented the performance Le Chant Du Bacchant, with independent Senegalese artists. He is a key player in the realisation of this collaboration, which brings African traditional performance with Ancient Greek theatre in a new contemporary work.