The Damask Drum

The Damask Drum - a journey into death and desire.

Presented in Liminal’s temporary accomodation in Abbotsford, the 2006 adaptation of Mishima’s text and the original Noh play Aya No Tsuzumi by Zeami continued Liminal Theatre’sresearch into:

  • The Contemporary Noh plays of Mishima Yukio (1925-1970).
  • The traditional 13th century Noh plays that Mishima drew on.
  • The writings of Japanese actor and playwright Zeami Motokiyo (1363-1443) on actor training.
  • The philosophy and practice of Indonesian director and Liminal collaborator Sardono Kusumo.
  • The tension between live performance and digital images.

Liminal wove the source material into a poem about a ghost inhabiting a macabre and empty world of desire, unable to escape death.A man caught in a never-ending cycle of awakening in the memory of an unobtainable woman. A story suspended in a gap between two worlds; the deep pool of our yearnings and cold winds of our isolation.

The Damask Drum was the second production in the Mishima in the City Project
Director: Robert Draffin
Film: Ivanka Sokol
Set design: Ina Indira Shanahan
Lighting design: Luke Hails
Sound design and music performance: Jethro Woodward
Costume design: Jessie Willow Tucker
Stage management: Richard Whitehouse
Publicity: Mandy Hildebrand

Performers: Alan Knoepfler and Mary Sitarenos
Film acting, voices and stage business: Paul Robertson / Raffaele Rufo / Claire Nicholls

Project Information
Project Title: 
The Damask Drum
Robert Draffin
Wed, 01/11/2006 (All day) - Sun, 26/11/2006 (All day)
Venue Information
Liminal Theatre
Venue Address: 
Nicholson Street