About Liminal

Liminal Theatre is a company of artists and associates engaged in theatre research, training, practice and performance. Liminal examines theatre as texture and transformation: the relationship between text, body, light and space, the spatial implications of the spoken word and articulated sound, and the encounter between the moving image and theatrical performance in both theatre and non-theatre venues. It interfaces tradition and contemporary arts training practice.

We are committed to working with traditional texts and making an interpretation which speaks to a contemporary world. Liminal’s work is minimal, focusing on the potency of language and interpreting truthfully the spirit of the original source. Members of Liminal Theatre are highly experienced artists, whose dynamic performances transform the language and structure of traditional classics into a meaningful theatrical experience for new audiences.

Liminal Theatre is committed to international and intercultural exchange, presenting and developing works in Australia, Indonesia, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Senegal. Our work is in shared creation between local and international artists, from many backgrounds and traditions.

Through an interface with traditional and contemporary theatre practice Liminal has developed an original approach to making theatre and actor training. This research is fed into our Australian workshop and training programs, and the development of our own theatre productions.

Members of the present company are:

  • Robert Draffin (co-artistic director)
  • Mary Sitarenos (co-artistic director)


  • Georgie Durham
  • Damian Lentini
  • Ousmane Ngom
  • Claire Nicholls
  • Paul Robertson
  • Indira Shanahan
  • Jo Smith
  • Ivanka Sokol
  • Chris Wenn